What Action do I take when I come upon a casualty in the water?
In as much as you can you assess the following:

The degree of urgency
The numbers in danger
The observer’s own abilities
The condition of the subject(s)
The aids or assistance available
The weather and water conditions e.g. river current or rip currents
The distance of the subject(s) from shore

Seek assistance – Shout for HELP

Use your voice to calm the casualty and issue instructions and encouragement to assist them to a place of safety. (There may be no rescue equipment available)

If this fails then use a coat, branch of a tree, brush handle or other available rescue aid to complete a reaching rescue.

When available always use Public Rescue Equipment e.g. ringbuoy, lifebelt or throw rope.

(Full details on the Irish Water Safety website)

More information at iws.ie
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